Geeks for CONsent/Feminist Public Works


I will soon be working with Feminist Public Works ( to write about issues in street harassment and harassment at conventions. My first venture with FPW will be on their Geeks for CONsent project ( which fights to publicize the fact that Cosplay does not equal consent. As such, Geeks for CONsent has started a petition to urge San Diego Comic Con to formally adopt an anti-harassment policy. The hope is that since SDCC is one of the most popular cons in the world, their adoption of an anti-harassment policy will set a precedent for other cons to follow.

Please sign the petition here!!

We will also be at Philadelphia Comic Con on Saturday June 21st collecting signatures for the petition!

On a personal note, I have never been harassed at a convention because I have been fortunate enough to be accompanied by my significant other and 1-2 other male friends. I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem going to a convention by myself, but I would definitely be more guarded and uncomfortable (I.E. the oogling I’ve experienced walking into a game or comic shop alone.) I have, however, been street harassed numerous times when I am walking by myself and know how infuriating, degrading, and annoying it is. I hope to never be harassed at a convention because they are *supposed* to be a safe place in which a person can celebrate and enjoy what they love. I find it extremely disgusting, unfortunate, and shocking that there have been countless people, not always just women, who have been harassed at a con. Please visit to read the first hand experiences of people who have been harassed at cons.

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