Impossible Instructions: a collaborative gallery show // January 2015

You may see a familiar name here…

Gigantic Sequins


We’re pairing writers & sculptors again, this time for a January 2015 gallery show at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym called IMPOSSIBLE INSTRUCTIONS. 

For this show, writers will write a piece in any genre (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, hybrid) that will serve also as a serious of instructions for the artist to follow. Following these, the artist will create a work of sculpture. The final written pieces will be collected into a very limited edition chapbook.

The writer/artist paris featured in the show are as follows:

Zoe Meager & Emily Schnellbacher

Michelle Messina Reale & Carole Loeffler

Brooke Randel & Caitlin Peck

Rachel Milligan & Dylan Pecora

Nichole Louise Beard & Amy Boone McCreesh

Deborah Bernhardt Rebecca Strzelec

The show opens Friday, January 9th and runs through the end of the month at the PSG Gallery. There will be an opening reception from 6-9pm on its opening day, January 9th, 2015 with a…

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