2016 Media Consumption

At the beginning of 2016, I found out that every year, filmmaker Steven Soderbergh makes a list of everything he watched, read, and listened to that year. So, I decided to do the same…partly as an experiment to see if I could keep up with updating a list every day. Turns out I could! Mine is slightly varied in that I tracked TV, film, games, and books. I listen to too much music to write it all down! It might be slightly embarrassing to reveal just how much I watched this year…..yes, often to put off writing or for pure escapism. However, I did write 4 screenplays this year. Chump change to some, but for me that was a lot.

So here it is, my 2016 year of media consumption if anyone cares. A lot of binge-watching new shows, and re-watching old, as well as reading more non-fiction than previous years:


1/3: Captain America Winter Soldier

1/5: Super Sentai Dairanger

1/6: Farscape (re-watch)/ SSD

1/7: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/SSD

1/8: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/SSD/ Plastic Galaxy

1/9: The Revenant/ Ride Alone

1/12: Farscape (re-watch)

1/14: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Mercy Street

1/15: Farscape (re-watch)

1/16: Labyrinth

1/19: Agent Carter

1/20: War and Peace (BBC)

1/21: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Star Wars Rebels

1/23: Zoolander

1/24: A Little Chaos

1/25: Mercy Street

1/26: Agent Carter

1/28: Star Wars Rebels/ War and Peace

1/29: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Farscape (re-watch)

1/30: In the Name of the Father

1/31: Planes, Trains, & Authomobiles/ Stupid Questions

2/1: Mercy Street

2/2: Agent Carter

2/3: War and Peace

2/4: The Crucible/ It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Star Wars Rebels

2/5: Captain America

2/6: Portlandia/ The Martian

2/7: Suffragette

2/8: Mercy Street

2/9: War and Peace/ Agent Carter

2/11: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Star Wars Rebels

2/13: Dope

2/14: Thor the Dark World/ Zoolander 2

2/15: Portlandia/ Mercy Street

2/16: 11.22.63/ Bob’s Burgers/ Agent Carter

2/18: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Star Wars Rebels

2/21: Wolf of Wall Street/ Portlandia

2/22: Mercy Street/ 11.22.63/ Bob’s Burgers

2/26: Gaycation

2/29: 11.22.63/ Braveheart

3/1: Agent Carter

3/3 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/ Star Wars Rebels/ Gaycation

3/4: The Danish Girl

3/5: Portlandic/ Macbeth (2015)

3/6: Last Man on Earth

3/7: 11.22.63/ Bob’s Burgers

3/9: Frank

3/10: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

3/11: 10 Cloverfield Lane

3/12: Room/ Last of the Mohicans

3/13: Bob’s Burgers/ Last Man on Earth

3/14: 11.22.63/ Underground/ Portlandia/ Ghostbusters (1984)

3/15: Ghostbusters 2

3/17: Star Wars Rebels

3/18: Daredevil S2

3/19: Daredevil S2

3/20: Daredevil S2/ Man of Steel

3/21: 11.22.63/ Portlandia

3/25: Batman V Superman

3/27: Star Wars Rebels

3/28: 11.22.63/ A Promise/ American Graffiti

3/29: Portlandia/ Iron Man

3/31: Star Wars Rebels

4/1: Gaycation

4/2: Thor

4/4: 11.22.63/ Bob’s Burgers/ Last Man on Earth/ Brooklyn

4/5: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

4/8: Godzilla (2014)

4/9: Outlander S2

4/10: Avengers

4/11: Last Man on Earth/ Bob’s Burgers/ Elizabeth (1998)

4/15: Iron Man 3

4/16: Thor the Dark World

4/17: Outlander S2

4/18: Last Man on Earth/ Bob’s Burgers/ The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

4/19: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

4/20: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt/ The Night Manager

4/21: My Mad Fat Diary

4/22: My Mad Fat Diary/ Guardians of the Galaxy

4/23: Captain America Winter Soldier

4/24: Game of Thrones S6

4/25: Last Man on Earth/ Bob’s Burgers/ Outlander S2/ Silicon Valley S3

4/26: My Mad Fat Diary/ Turn S3

4/27: My Mad Fat Diary

4/28: The Night Manager

4/29: Keanu/ Avengers: Age of Ultron

4/30: Ant-man

5/1: My Mad Fat Diary/ Outlander S2/ Game of Thrones S6

5/2; My Mad Fat Diary/ Silicon Valley S3/ Autism in Love/ My Beautiful Broken Brain

5/3: Turn S3

5/5: Captain America Civil War

5/6: The Fifth Element

5/7: Special Correspondents/ Airplane!

5/8: Outlander/ GoT

5/9: Last Man on Earth/ Bob’s Burger’s/ Night Manager/ Louie

5/10: Turn

5/11: Before We Go

5/12: Louie

5/14: Inside Amy Schumer/ Where to Invade Next/ The Keeping Room

5/15: The Mindy Project/ Outlander/ GoT

5/16: Last Man on Earth/ Bob’s Burgers/ Silicon Valley/ The Mindy Project

5/17: Turn/ Mindy Project

5/18: Mindy Project

5/19: Louie

5/20: X-Men First Class

5/21: Mindy Project

5/22: Outlander/ GoT/ Louie

5/23: Silicon Valley/ Bob’s Burgers/ Mindy Project

5/24: Louie

5/25: Turn/ X-Men Days of Future Past

5/26: Louie/ X-Men Age of Apocalypse

5/27: Louie

5/28: Mindy Project/ Captain America Civil War/ Louie

5/29: Outlander/ GoT/ Silicon Valley

5/30: Mindy Project

5/31: Turn

6/2: Peaky Blinders

6/4: Peaky Blinders

6/5: Peaky Blinders/ GoT/ Outlander

6/6: Mindy Project/ Peaky Blinders

6/7: Mindy Project/ Turn

6/8: Peaky Blinders

6/9: Mindy Project

6/10: Mindy Project

6/11: The Princess Bride

6/12: Outlander/ Louie/ Mindy Project/ GoT/ Silicon Valley

6/13: Hell on Wheels/ Mindy Project

6/14: Turn

6/15: Louie

6/16: Mindy Project

6/17: Orange is the New Black

6/18: OITNB

6/19: OITNB/ Office Space/ Outlander/ Silicon Valley/ GoT

6/20: Hell on Wheels/ OITNB

6/21: Turn/ Mindy Project

6/24: Spotlight

6/26: Hell on Wheels/ Independence Day Resurgence/ Outlander/ GoT/ Silicon Valley

6/27: Fundamentals of Caring/ Elizabeth the Golden Age

6/28: Turn/ Mindy Project/ Freaks & Geeks (re-watch)

6/29: Freaks & Geeks (re-watch)

7/3: Hell on Wheels

7/5: Killjoys/ Freaks & Geeks (re-watch)

7/6: Freaks & Geeks (re-watch)

7/7: Freaks & Geeks (re-watch)

7/9: Outlander/ Aliens

7/10: Free State of Jones/ Hell on Wheels

7/11: Killjoys/ Back to the Future

7/14: Louie

7/15: Louie/ Back to the Future 2

7/16: Louie

7/17: Hell on Wheels

7/18: Stranger Things

7/21: Hex Hollow

7/22: Tron Legacy

7/23: King Arthur (2004)

7/24: Star Trek Beyond/ Hell on Wheels

7/25: Adventures in babysitting/ Working Girl

7/27: Clueless/ Lucky Louie

7/28: The Mummy (1999)

7/29: Batman V Superman Director’s Cut

7/31: Best in Show/ V for Vendetta

8/1: Vikings

8/4: Vikings

8/6: Vikings

8/7: Vikings

8/8: Vikings/ A Certain Kind of Death

8/9: Vikings

8/14: Vikings

8/15: Vikings

8/17: Vikings

8/18: Vikings/ Parts Unknown

8/19: Watchmen

8/21: Prometheus

8/22: Parts Unknown

8/23: Parts Unknown

8/24: Imperium

8/25: Rick & Morty/ Parts Unknown

8/28: Rick & Morty/ Parts Unknown

8/29: Parts Unknown/ Trumbo

8/30: Rick & Morty

8/31: Rick & Morty

9/1: The Piano

9/3: Jane Got a Gun/ Addams Family (1991)

9/4: Elvis & Nixon

9/8: The Light Between Oceans

9/9: A Royal Night Out

9/12: Madame Bovary (2014)/ Star Trek The Motion Picture

9/13: Parts Unknown

9/16: Inside Amy Schumer/ Dracula (1992)

9/18: Inside Amy Schumer/ The Witch

9/20: Inside Llewyn Davis/ Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn

9/22: Star Trek The Search For Spock

9/23: Tales from the Darkside

9/24: Metalocalypse (re-watch)

9/25: Metalocalypse (re-watch)/ Interview With the Vampire

9/26: The Man Who Killed Richard III/ Star Wars Rebels

9/27: Mr Pickles/ Bob’s Burgers/ Monty Python & The Holy Grail

9/29: Last Man on Earth/ Sunset Song/ Love & Friendship/ Metalocalypse (re-watch)

9/30: Luke Cage

10/1: Luke Cage/ Metalocalypse (re-watch)

10/2: Star Wars Rebels

10/3: Metalocalypse (re-watch)/ Last Man on Earth

10/4: Mindy Project/ Metalocalypse (re-watch)

10/5: Metalocalypse (re-watch)

10/10: Metalocalypse (re-watch)/ Star Wars Rebels

10/11: The Witches/ American Werewolf in London

10/12: Children of the Corn

10/13: Jamaica Inn (2014)

10/14: Alien

10/15: Me Before You/ Last of the Mohicans

10/17: Last Man on Earth/ Timeless

10/18: Mindy Project/ Timeless

10/20: Beetlejuice

10/22: The Wonder Years (re-watch)

10/23: Star Wars Rebels/ Wonder Years (re-watch) / Dead Snow 2

10/24: Bob’s Burgers/ Last Man on Earth/ Wonder Years/ Timeless

10/25: Wonder Years/ Captain America Civil War

10/31: Hocus Pocus

11/1: Man in the High Castle

11/2: Man in the High Castle

11/3: Man in the High Castle

11/4: Man in the High Castle

11/5: Man in the High Castle/ Doctor Strange

11/6: Bob’s Burgers/ Star Wars Rebels/ Last Man on Earth

11/7: Timeless

11/8: The Crown

11/9: Addam’s Family Values

11/10: The Crown

11/11: Arrival

11/12: Lion in Your Living Room

11/13: Last Man on Earth

11/14: The Crown/ Timeless

11/15: Dog’s Life

11/21: Star Wars Rebels/ Bob’s Burgers/ Last Man on Earth

11/22: Timeless

11/25: Star Wars The Force Awakens/ Wonder Years

11/26: Seinfeld (re-watch)

11/27: Allied/ Star Wars Rebels/ Seinfeld (re-watch)

11/28: Gilmore Girls Year in the Life

11/29: Timeless/ Seinfeld

11/30: Seinfeld

12/1: Seinfeld

12/4: Star Wars Rebels/ Vikings

12/5: Last Man on Earth

12/6: Seinfeld

12/8: Seinfeld

12/9: Medici: Masters of Florence

12/10: Scrooged

12/12: Vikings/ Star Wars Rebels/ Last Man on Earth

12/13: Timeless

12/14: Seinfeld

12/15: Rogue One

12/16: Man in the High Castle/ Star Wars: A New Hope

12/17: Man in the High Castle

12/18: Rogue One/ Vikings

12/19: Man in the High Castle

12/20: Man in the High Castle

12/21: Seinfeld

12/22: Asperger’s Are Us/ Wonder Years

12/24: Rogue One

12/25: Star Trek Beyond

12/26: Vikings

12/27: Versailles/ Wonder Years

12/28: Seinfeld

12/29: Seinfeld/ Empire of the Tsars

12/30: Green Room/ Seinfeld/ Wonder Years

12/31: Jackie




The Revenant by Michael Punke

Voyager (3rd read through) by Diana Gabaldon

1776 by David Mccullough

Defiant Brides by Nancy Rubin Stuart

Treacherous Beauty by Mark Jacob and Stephen Case

Washington’s Secret War by Thomas Fleming

Culloden Tales by Hugh G. Allison

Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks

Captain Marvel vols 1 & 2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick

X-Men Age of Apocalypse comic series

America’s First Daughter by Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray

Drums of Autumn (2nd read through) by Diana Gabaldon

Muse of the Revolution by Nancy Rubin Stuart

Queen of Swords by Sara Donati

The Endless Forest Sara Donati

Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston

Lord Johhn & the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Catalyst by James Luceno

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

White Trash by Nancy Isenberg



Star Wars: The Old Republic

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Neko Atsume

Pokemon Go

Dishonored (2nd play through)

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Skyrim (2nd play through)

Pokemon Moon