Published Work


The Crash of Hard WaterAvailable here on Amazon

Synopsis: In 1949, Molly Pitcher leaves her small town in Minnesota to embark on a new life working for the Army Signal Corps. in General MacArthur’s GHQ. Having been confined to the domestic life in Minnesota, Molly is thrust into the tenuous and healing world of post-WWII Tokyo. Molly must navigate not only the social and cultural changes, but also her own changing identity. Romantic attachments, complicated friendships, loss, grief, and even a brush with Hollywood force Molly to create herself anew. It is in this very unique time in world history that Molly comes into her own.


ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS (blogger from Sept. 2014 – Dec. 2014)

http://www. geeksforconsent. org/why-women-need-maleficent/

“The Business of the American Higher Education System” Alternative, Spring 2011

“Rooting out Ignorance: The New Red Scare” Alternative, Fall 2009


Anatomical Correctness DeltaWomen E-Zine – 2012.

The Satyr and the Traveler – Danse Macabre Du Jour – 2012.

The Mech-Maiden of Mesopotamia – Yesteryear Fiction – 2011


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