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Review: The Mask Revealed by Julia Brannan


The Mask Revealed by Julia Brannan, book 2 in the Jacobite Chronicles, picks up right where book 1 left off. Beth Cunningham, after uncovering a startling secret, must put the pieces of her life back together within its new context. Soon after, Beth and her new husband journey to Italy and France where they meet the Stuart heir, Prince Charles–the would-be king of the Jacobites.

Her husband keeps up the front as the vain, frivolous “fop,” whilst making connections and learning information to help the Jacobite cause. In the meantime, Beth’s relationship with her new husband develops into something more–and Beth finds herself truly in love with her new partner regardless of the high stakes and dangerous entanglments it brings.

The Mask Revealed was a very fast and entertaining read. I found a few typos in the novel, which I understand can happen from time to time with self-published work despite numerous revisions. That said, the story is still worth the read and I intend to keep going with the Jacobite Chronicles series!