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Review: Queen’s Hope by E.K. Johnston

After the heavy subject matter of the last book I read, I thought it time for something light!

Queen’s Hope by E. K. Johnston is the third book of her Padme trilogy, with the final installment taking place from the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones and at the very start of the Clone Wars.

Queen’s Hope was a fun, fast, and entertaining read. I loved getting to see moments between Anakin and Padme, from each of their perspectives, at the start of their marriage (as much as can be described for a YA novel, that is.) I actually would have liked to have spent more time with them as a whole. Other chapter perspectives include Sabe, Sache, and Palpatine, with a few brief interludes from the perspectives of Shmi Skywalker, Beru Whitesun, and Breha Organa; three women who unknowingly carry the spirit and conviction of Padme and her handmaidens. The other character perspectives offer a wider context of the galaxy at the dawn of the Clone Wars, particularly with Sabe’s work to free slaves on Tatooine and Sache working as a representative in the Naboo government.

That said, I found myself wanting more Padme–it is, after all, her trilogy. I doubt we will get another Padme book, but who knows…it would be special to see/read the moment where she finds out she is pregnant with the twins.