Screenplays & Scripts

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Unproduced Screenplays

The Arnolds in Saint John – 2016. 99 pages.
Genre:  Drama, Historical
Plot:  Examines the brief, but tumultuous period of 1787 – 1791 in which Benedict Arnold and Peggy Shippen Arnold lived in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Ceres – 2016. 87 pages.
Genre:  Drama, Sci-Fi, Female lead
Plot:  In the near future, the sole survivor of a doomed space colony mission must fight to survive to make it back to Earth–or somewhere else?

On Screen – 2016. 94 pages.
Genre:  Drama
Plot:  The leads of a hit TV show must navigate the waters of new found fame, as well as reconcile their feelings toward each other in their public and private lives.

Higher Level Tasks – 2015.  121 pages.
Genre: Fantasy, Action-Adventure, Comedy, Female leads
Plot: A depressed young woman is pulled into the world of her favorite video game where she must band with local warriors to save their kingdom from a Dragon-Lord bent on total control.


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