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Light and Stone by Nichole Louise

Philadelphia 1775. Quaker and midwife-in-training Haven Temple endures a life-changing event that prompts her to forsake her pacifist beliefs and disguise herself as a man to fight for American independence. The army takes Haven to upstate New York, where she meets several Patriot-allied Oneidas, including a young warrior named White Fox. Through the war-torn Mohawk Valley, to the famous battlegrounds of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Haven and White Fox form a strong bond that is tested by distance, the atrocities of war, and complex social conventions.

Light and Stone follows Haven’s coming of age as she battles not only inner demons, but also the enemy on the battlefield. Through the eyes of White Fox, Light and Stone examines the Oneida people’s alliance with the Americans which led to the subsequent fracturing of the predominantly Crown-allied Haudenosaunee—a break that would shape the ultimate fate of the Six Nations.