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Colonial Williamsburg – Oct 30 & 31, 2015

You’d think that living on the East Coast my entire life, I would have been to Williamsburg at some point. But no! At 28, I was finally able to go and I absolutely loved it (as expected). I wish I could have spent more time there–and will most definitely go back at some point (we missed a few things in town and didn’t have time to do Yorktown at all).
The fall colors really enhanced how pretty everything was. Both nights we walked around after dark, the town being done out for Halloween. There were fire braziers lining the streets, the scent of woodsmoke was on the air, and the sound of merriment and music was seeping from the taverns. Atmospheric is the word that comes to mind–the embodiment of that exciting feeling of fall mixed with the picturesque 18th century setting.
It was also pretty cool recognizing some filming locations from both John Adams and Turn.

Bottom line: If you haven’t been, and you love history, GO! I also want to note that I really appreciated the fact that none of the guides sugar-coated history or presented it in a one-sided way. They included all perspectives and the harsh realities of the Americans, British/Loyalists, slaves, and native populations. I was a bit unsure if they would, seeing as how a place like that might have the potential to be one-sided and uber-Nationalistic, but it really wasn’t at all. If anything, this trip has only confirmed even more for me that the American Revolution is not cut and dry, black and white, good v. evil–rather, it is a very gray and nebulous thing. I suppose you could say the same for most wars, really.


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