Brandywine Battlefield

In an effort to cross more local historical sites off my list, I finally ventured over to Brandywine Battlefield. The parcel of land sequestered for the battlefield is actually quite small, where in reality the battle was far more spread out (the Old Kennett Meetinghouse is a 10 minute drive from Brandywine battlefield). I had the continual impression of, “am I in the right place?” and “where is everybody?” Maybe I’m just used to Valley Forge.

Brandywine sadly seems quite neglected and abandoned, with boarded up buildings, little to no signage, and overgrown parking lots. I think the reason for this is because Brandywine, to my knowledge, is not a federally run battle site, but is rather run by the state (I think?).

There is a new visitor’s center with a small exhibit and gift shop. The two highlights of the visit were the Benjamin Ring House aka George Washington’s HQ at Brandywine, and the Gideon Gilpin homestead, which was a property belonging to a Quaker family at the time of the battle.

We had a slight supernatural happening at the Benjamin Ring House…as we were walking toward the front door, we heard the door knob jiggle as if someone was about to come out. Naturally, I went up to the door to open it, but found it was locked. We looked in all the windows and found that the house was empty. No one was inside; the other door was locked. Even my partner, who is a skeptic of such occurrences, said he was confused by what had just happened. Pretty cool if you ask me.