Ridley Creek State Park: 18th Century Charm

Ridley Creek State Park is only 15 minutes from my apartment, and holds within it the Colonial Plantation featured in a previous post. With miles of trails to hike, Ridley Creek has many still-occupied 18th century farmhouses (oh how I want one,) as well as ruins of ones that did not survive the ages. The ruins… Continue reading Ridley Creek State Park: 18th Century Charm


Brandywine Battlefield

In an effort to cross more local historical sites off my list, I finally ventured over to Brandywine Battlefield. The parcel of land sequestered for the battlefield is actually quite small, where in reality the battle was far more spread out (the Old Kennett Meetinghouse is a 10 minute drive from Brandywine battlefield). I had… Continue reading Brandywine Battlefield