Ridley Creek State Park: 18th Century Charm

Ridley Creek State Park is only 15 minutes from my apartment, and holds within it the Colonial Plantation featured in a previous post.

With miles of trails to hike, Ridley Creek has many still-occupied 18th century farmhouses (oh how I want one,) as well as ruins of ones that did not survive the ages. The ruins were gorgeous not only because of the complimentary fall foliage, but also because of their distinct 18th century style. Typically, the remaining feature of the homes was the hearth and chimney, as this was usually the most structurally sound part. It was amazing to stand among the old stone and imagine life pre and post Revolution (but let’s be honest, when don’t I imagine that?)

The park also boasts a mansion that is often used for weddings and photoshoots. The mansion was built in 1915 off of an exisiting 1780s farmhouse.