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Review: Tides of Fortunes by Julia Brannan

Book 6 in Julia’s Brannan’s Jacobite Chronicles, Tides of Fortune, is a worthy conclusion to the epic series. The final installment was engaging, enthralling, compelling, and filled with suspense if Alex and Beth would finally discover the truth and reunite.

Alex and Beth, still thinking the other dead, seemingly start new lives–albeit a far cry from the one they had together. Beth, refusing to give up her husband and clan to British authorities, is transported to the West Indies to become an indentured servent. Alex continues to fulfill his blood oath of revenge, but his trajectory abruptly alters when he hears that Beth may still be alive. Adopting new disguises and personas, Alex makes his way to London to contact old friends and find out Beth’s fate.

Book 6, like the rest of the series, has that “couldn’t put down” quality as each new clue the characters discover could be the key to lead them back to each other. There are many points at which there could have been near misses, yet the way in which they find the truth is perfect and very fitting. The character growth and arcs across six books is remarkable–and Brannan makes you care about everyone, no matter how small a part.

I would love to read more about these characters, however, I believe the series is concluded. While I am moved by many books, it is actually rare for me to tear up while reading. This book achieved that in me twice!