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Minority Representations in Media & the Importance of Getting it Right


It’s disgusting that this is still going on in 2015. They’re humans and deserve to be treated with respect, but what can I expect from hollywood (under-represents minority voices) and from adam sandler (who hasn’t tried since like 1998).

I had, and still have, my worries and reservations about having so many Oneida characters in the book I am working on when I have no Native American blood . As such, I have spent hours and hours researching and asking questions and reading books to make sure I present the most accurate and respectful portrayal of the Oneida people during the American Revolution. In my editing phase, I have been paying keen attention to getting all those cultural details and nuances correct, and have reached out to both historians and people within the Oneida nation. My greatest fear with this book is not that it won’t get published, but that I will get something incorrect and I will offend/disrespect someone within that community. That is why I am taking so much time and effort to get it right. It’s so important that I get it right when Native American representations in all media have either been under represented or have been inaccurately portrayed.

Native American tribal cultures and histories are diverse and beautiful in each their own way, and must be respected as such.

And then things like this–like this adam sandler movie- get made without a second thought for cheap laughs based on stereotypes.